Librarian's Reference Directory

Librarians Reference Directory

Librarian's Reference Directory (or Librarians Reference Sources Directory) is a web directory of Library and Information Science reference sources on the World Wide Web. The contents of Librarian's Reference Directory will appear as individual blog posts of Librarianship Studies and Information Technology blog under the category LIBRARIAN'S REFERENCE DIRECTORY which will be aggregated in this Librarianship Studies and Information Technology blog page Librarian's Reference Directory. Popular articles of Librarianship Studies blog and its partner blogs will also be listed here for the reference of LIS professionals.

Cataloger’s Reference Directory [100+ Most Important Tools for Cataloging and Metadata Librarians and Catalogers in 2016. Cataloger's Reference Directory is a collection of top free and paid cataloging and bibliographic metadata resources. It includes sources for descriptive cataloging, subject cataloging, classification, authority control, and metadata description]
20 Examples of RDA Core Elements [Core Elements in Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging]
11 Excellent Infographics About The Librarian [highlighting their duties, functions, roles, responsibilities, worth, and importance, with interesting facts and figures]
Glossary of Library & Information Science [An encyclopedic glossary and dictionary of terms and acronyms of librarianship, library science, information science, and information technology]
Google Plus Collections & Communities for Librarians & Catalogers [Top Google+ Collections and Communities on Library and Information Science for Librarians and Catalogers to Follow in 2016]
Information Access Through The Subject [Annotated bibliography on  Subject Approaches to Information in Libraries covering Subject Headings, Subject Indexing, Subject Cataloging, Library Classification, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, and Subject Approaches in Bibliographic and Non-Bibliographic Databases etc.]
Library and Information Science Articles and News in 2017 [Library and Information Science News is an initiative of Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog to showcase the latest LIS news and updates for librarians, catalogers, metadata, archives, and knowledge professionals]
Library and Information Science Blogs [Best Library and Information Science Blogs Worth Reading and Top Librarian Bloggers to Follow in 2016] [In Process of Writing]
Library and Information Science Dissertations and Theses [Best Reference Sources for Doctoral and Master's Dissertations and Thesis in Library and Information Science; LIS Ph.D. and MLIS Thesis and Dissertations]
Library and Information Science Videos [Library and Information Science Videos is an initiative of Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog to showcase the finest LIS videos for librarians, catalogers, metadata, archives, and knowledge professionals. The videos are sourced from Librarianship Studies & Information Technology YouTube Channel which are organized based on the categories (or labels) of Librarianship Studies blog]
RDA Bibliography [Articles, Books, Presentations, Thesis, and Videos on Resource Description and Access (RDA) & Cataloging]
RDA Resources [Top resources for Resource Description and Access Cataloging]



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